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Are you looking for the Best Ear Doctor or Ear Specialist in Hubli, who can examine your hearing problem & recommend you the best hearing instruments that fit your lifestyle? Well!! You have come to the right place: Patil- Hearing, Vertigo & Speech Center is pioneer in hearing assessment & in providing best hearing aids suitable for your lifestyle as per your budget.

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Hearing Assessment

At Patil- Hearing, Vertigo & Speech Center, we have advanced equipments to do the hearing evaluation of both adults and children.

Hearing Aids

We have collaborations with leading hearing instrument manufacturers like Siemens (Signia), Resound GN, Phonak and Oticon.

Vertigo Assessment & Rehabilitation

At the Patil- Hearing, Vertigo & Speech Center our Vertigo Assessment can assist you to restore the balance effectively.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps a child speak and improve the ability to understand and express language. We help a child to speak by providing speech therapy services.

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